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The New Book is Here!

The long awaited book Dragons, John, and Every Grain of Sand: Essays on the Book of Revelation in Honor of Dr. Robert Lowery edited by Shane J. Wood is here!  This book is a compilation of 19 different authors from around the world, including: Craig A. Evans, I. Howard Marshall, Craig Blomberg, Mark E. Moore, Yulia Lubenets, Tony Twist, Mark Scott, and many more.  The essays cover general studies in Revelation, difficult passages in Revelation, and how to apply the book of Revelation in today's world.  To order your copy of the book, click here.


                                                     Dragons, John, and Every Grain of Sand edited by Shane J. Wood



Revelation: Viewing John's World Through Our Eyes Lectures:

These are lectures given by Shane J. Wood at Mid-Rivers Christian Church in 2011 in a weekend seminar.   To listen to each lecture online, simply click the link.  To download the lectures to your computer, right click the link and select "save as."

 Introduction [92:09]  
 Historical Background [76:11]  
 Genre [57:21]  
 Symbols [74:13]  
 Message of Hope in Revelation [56:03]  
 Q and A [96:15]